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Update 75: Leanne's Dream Beach Walk 2014

Update 74: Leanne's Dream Beach Walk 2013

Update 73: Leanne's Dream Beach Walk 2012

Update 72: Leanne's Dream Beach Walk

Update 71: Grocery Store gift cards

Update 70: Sending kids to camp

Update 69: Silvia's Haven

Update 68: Life Focus Center

Update 67: Revere League for Special Needs

Update 66: CATCH special event

Update 65: Promoting Literacy

Update 64: Paris Street White Sharks

Update 63: Leanne's Dream Foundation Encourages All Supporters To Save Lives By Becoming Organ Donors

Update 62: Leanne’s Dream Foundation and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Beach Walk Thank You!

Update 61: Leanne's Dream Foundation and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Beach Walk

Update 60: Leanne’s Dream Launches The 2009 Summer Of Service Challenge

Update 59: Friends Of Leanne Donate To Verizon Wireless HopeLine

Update 58: Not Soon To Be Forgotten

Update 57: EBNHC Let’s Get Movin’ Program Gets National Exposure On Discovery Health

Update 56: Leanne’s Dream Foundation Working With Mickey Casoli To Send Kids To Camp

Update 55: St Anthony’s Youth Group Making Another Missionary Trip With A Little Help From Leanne’s Dream Foundation

Update 54: Leanne’s Dream Foundation Buys Books For The Kids

Update 53: Leanne’s Dream Lounge At The Revere League For Special Needs Holds First And Second Social Events

Update 52: LDF Pitches In To Purchase Knitting Supplies For The EBNHC Elder Services Program

Update 51: LDF Sponsors Build-A-Bear Day For CATCH Kids:

Update 50: LDF Helps to Recognize EBNHC Volunteers

Update 49: LDF Sponsors Shaw’s Gift Cards For EBNHC Families As Extension Of Project Bread

Update 48: LDF Purchases Shares In Tufts Sustainable Farming Program

Update 47: LDF Creates A Garden In The City

Update 46: LDF Sponsors A Night At The Movies

Update 45: LDF Sponsors A Day At The Pool For Local Kids

Update 44: LDF Sponsors Freedom Trail Scavenger Hunt For Local Kids

Update 43: LDF Sponsors Soccer Day Camp For 120 Local Kids

Update # 43 – LDF Sponsors Soccer Day Camp For 120 Local Kids –

Recently Leanne’s Dream Foundation sponsored an all-day Saturday event for 120 local 10- to 14-year-olds. As part of its “Let’s Get Moving” program, EBNHC and Leanne’s Dream Foundation picked up the tab for all the kids to attend the event. The kids were treated to free instruction, tournament play, snacks and t-shirts all funded by LDF.

All this is an extension of the great work the health center does helping kids “make healthy decisions” in their day-to-day lives.

The event was a great success thanks to the generosity of our donors, the great work by State Representative Kathi Reinstein, and the entire team at EBNHC.

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Update # 44 – LDF Sponsors Freedom Trail Scavenger Hunt For Local Kids -

Recently, LDF sponsored a Scavenger Hunt along Boston’s historic Freedom Trail. Local kids enjoyed the day and saw the event as a great way to have fun while learning and keeping active.

Congrats to all who participated.

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Update # 45 – LDF Sponsors A Day At The Pool For Local Kids –

Leanne’s Dream Foundation recently sponsored a day at the pool for more local kids. The children were invited to join friends for a day of swimming and fun in an effort to keep them off the couch and off the street.

We are hoping to continue creating healthy activities that lead to healthy lifestyles for our youth.

Thanks to all who helped out with this project.

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Update # 46 – LDF Sponsors A Night At The Movies –

EBNHC and Leanne’s Dream Foundation recently welcomed local kids for Movie Night. Twenty-five kids joined EBNHC volunteers to watch the movie Ratatouille. They had snacks and a nice night out to socialize and laugh with their friends.

We are very proud to have been able to make this possible for them.

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Update # 47 – LDF Creates A Garden In The City –

As part of its healthy lifestyle initiatives, EBNHC recently put together a garden project at the Umana Middle School in East Boston. Leanne’s Dream Foundation provided funding for the arbor to create a garden that will be used to teach local kids about agriculture and the importance of healthy diet.

Once again, this a great way to teach kids, early on, about making healthy lifestyle decisions. We hope these decisions will become lifelong habits that will lead to better health for them and for their own children.

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Update # 48 – LDF Purchases Shares In Tufts Sustainable Farming Program –

EBNHC and LDF recently made a big move related to our ongoing healthy lifestyle project. With help and funding from our State Representatives Reinstein and DeLeo, we recently bought shares in a Massachusetts farm.

The shares are part of the Tufts University Sustainable Farming Program. Essentially, we agree to invest in a local farm. In return, the families at the Health Center are provided with fresh fruits and vegetables each week from June through mid-October. The fruits and vegetables are delivered to and distributed at EBNHC each week. Once again, we are doing everything we can to promote healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.

As part of the program, local families are also invited to work on the farm. In some cases, they will learn how to grow their native crops on U.S. soil, in essence helping them chase their own dreams.

This is a really big move for us and will provide a great deal of healthy food, as well as potential employment, to our community. It is another example of helping create healthy lifestyles for families who use the services of the Health Center.

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Update # 49 – LDF Sponsors Shaw’s Gift Cards For EBNHC Families As Extension Of Project Bread –

Unfortunately, in today’s tough economic times many people still have trouble making ends meet, which can lead to cutting back on healthy food. LDF recently sent eighty $25.00 gift cards to the professionals at the EBNHC Mental Health Department. The cards are to be distributed by the clinicians whenever they see a need.

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. We wan to make sure we do everything we can to help our local families.


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Update # 50 – LDF Helps to Recognize EBNHC Volunteers –

During Leanne’s time as Volunteer Coordinator at EBNHC, one of her primary projects was helping coordinate the annual Volunteer Recognition Week. This year LDF sponsored the purchase of AMEX gift cards for approximately 30 of the Health Center’s regular volunteers. LDF also picked up the tab for the annual volunteer luncheon.

Leanne would be very happy with this investment, as she had a very special place in her heart for the volunteer community and the EBNHC Volunteer Services team.


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Update # 51 – LDF Sponsors Build-A-Bear Day For CATCH Kids: –

CATCH (Children’s Access To Coordinated Health Care) is a program that provides support and programs for families who are dealing with severe health issues. CATCH families experience very significant challenges and typically have only a limited amount of support.

In partnership with the Build-A-Bear Company, LDF recently sponsored a “Build-A-Bear Day” for 30 CATCH children. The store opened a few hours early and had their Bear Team ready to help the kids put together bears of their own. The foundation picked up the bill for a bear and all the accessories for each child. The event was a huge success and a very unique treat for the kids.

Leanne would certainly love to know these kids got a chance to enjoy this very fun experience.


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Update # 52 – LDF Pitches In To Purchase Knitting Supplies For The EBNHC Elder Services Program –

We recently got a call from a member of our Elder Services Group. It seems they were running short on knitting supplies for their elder knitting program. The program started several years ago as a social activity and has turned into a great little team. The group gets together twice per week and works on items such as baby blankets and hats. When they finish with their work, they donate the items back to the needy in the community.

When they asked for help with yarn and needles, we were thrilled to be able to go above and beyond what they originally asked for and they were thrilled to get the help. We are so thankful they continue to look after those who are less fortunate.

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Update # 53 – Leanne’s Dream Lounge At The Revere League For Special Needs Holds First And Second Social Events –

After months of work and a successful dedication, Leanne’s Dream Lounge has officially launched with a grand opening and two great events.

With help from Leanne’s longtime friend Annie Deukmejian and her mom Carrie Messina, the Dream Lounge opened to raves. Carrie and Annie hosted a pizza party in the new recreation room with about 40 League members in attendance. A couple of months later the team held a second event—this time a pizza party with an Oldies music theme. News of the Lounge must have spread quickly because the second event had more than 65 attendees. Everybody ate, laughed, and danced to the oldies. This really is a great success!

The next two events at the Dream Lounge have already been scheduled for later this summer. The team at the League will be using the Lounge for a Bingo night for the kids and also plan to have a prom. These are incredible accomplishments and we are so proud to be affiliated with this group.

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Update # 54 – Leanne’s Dream Foundation Buys Books For The Kids –

One of the projects that will continue to be ongoing for Leanne’s Dream Foundation and EBNHC is the Reach Out And Read Program. We consider reading, along with healthy activity and a healthy diet, to be an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

We continue to stock the waiting areas of the EBNHC Pediatrics Department with books and coloring books for the visiting children. The families are encouraged to take the books home as gifts from LDF. The books keep going home and we keep stocking them up.

Recently, we purchased 25 boxes of gently used books from a local library. These books, along with the countless number collected by Leanne’s mom and aunts, will go into our stock room and will be provided to the children as needed. This is a great investment for us because it ensures that the children leave each appointment with a story or coloring book of their own.

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Update # 55 – St Anthony’s Youth Group Making Another Missionary Trip With A Little Help From Leanne’s Dream Foundation –

In an earlier posting we informed you of a great project undertaken by Father Kumar at St. Anthony’s Church in Revere. This year the group will be returning to another needy location to assist the members of the local community. They are paying for the trip through fundraisers and unfortunately their efforts to raise money have been coming up a bit short. We are happy to announce that Leanne’s Dream Foundation will increase our investment this year from $1,000 to $1,500.

Leanne’s mom and two of her aunts (both lifelong parishioners at the church) will proudly present the check to Father Kumar in June.

Leanne would be very happy to know that her home community is being served by all of your donations.

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Update # 56 – Leanne’s Dream Foundation Working With Mickey Casoli To Send Kids To Camp –

LDF recently contacted longtime Revere philanthropist, fundraiser and Sasso family friend Mickey “Say No To Drugs” Casoli. Mickey has been a community service staple in the Revere community since the 1960’s. Mickey is involved in just about every local Revere charitable initiative that exists. Much of his work revolves around keeping kids active, off the streets, and as far away from drugs as possible. Mickey also performed the role of Master of Ceremonies at the recent dedication of Leanne’s Dream Lounge.

This year we will be sending some kids back to camp but, unfortunately, East Boston Camps lost their lease and will not be open for business this year. When we decided to find a new camp, we immediately thought of Mickey. Mickey is currently in the process of identifying some kids who might benefit from the camp program. We should have an announcement later in the summer.

Mickey has known Leanne since she was a Pop Warner cheerleader and she would be thrilled to know that he is involved with the cause.

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Update # 57 – EBNHC Let’s Get Movin’ Program Gets National Exposure On Discovery Health –

The following is an excerpt from the EBNHC web site:

It’s a hot summer day in East Boston, and a group of teenage girls are playing soccer in the sun. And they’re loving it. They’re also getting in shape—losing weight, and learning how to eat and exercise to keep the weight off. They’re part of our (EBNHC) new program to reduce childhood obesity in our community.

When we saw that the national epidemic of childhood obesity was creating a variety of problems in our own neighborhood, we developed a plan to address this vitally important issue: Let’s Get Movin’, a lifestyle-change program for children and teens living in East Boston, Chelsea, Winthrop, and Revere.

Let’s Get Movin’ is centered on exercise, nutritional education, and medical monitoring. EBNHC offers after-school and summer programs, as well as educational seminars for adults who want to learn more about supporting their children’s healthier lifestyle.

We appreciate our participants’ complex lives, and provide ongoing support to keep children and families involved and motivated. We speak many languages. Our activities are fun as well as healthy and educational. And because we understand that the best program is no help if participants can’t get there, we provide door-to-door transportation.

The program is fully integrated with medical services provided at EBNHC, and designed with the best medical practices of our physicians and other clinicians. Participation is based on a diagnosis of overweight or obesity by a child’s physician, who monitors progress and overall health on an ongoing basis.

Let’s Get Movin’ works in proud collaboration with Urban Youth Sports, a program of Sport in Society at Northeastern University.

See The Entire Discovery Video Here: (To view EBNHC segment please select Part 3 on the right of the video viewer)


LDF plays a small sponsorship role in the Let’s Get Movin’ program and would like to congratulate our friends and partners at the health center for the great success of this incredible program. We are proud to be affiliated with this initiative. Congratulations to all of the volunteers, clinicians, families and physicians who have made this program possible.

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Update # 58 – Not Soon To Be Forgotten –

We were recently asked by one of Leanne’s friends if people still visit Leanne’s website. We had not looked at the web traffic reports for a while so we decided to see if she still had many visitors. The friend mentioned that knowing others were still visiting gave her some peace knowing that Leanne’s spirit was still alive.

When we checked the traffic report we were amazed to find her site had been visited by people from 23 countries over the last three months alone. Most visits were by friends in the United States, but there were also a great number of recurring visits from Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, Korea, Russia, Spain, Japan, Ukraine, and China--just to name a few.

Although we can never tell who is visiting, we do know that visits spread from the United States to over a couple of hundred cities around the world. Leanne made many friends during her lifetime and over the years many of them have moved on to new locations. It is heartwarming to know that they still visit their friend. We also imagine that many visitors never met Leanne but, through word of mouth, have heard great stories about her and about the charitable work made possible by you, our donors. Thank you to those new friends as well. Your actions, visits and generosity continue to breathe life into Leanne’s legacy as well as her spirit.

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Update # 59 – Friends Of Leanne Donate To Verizon Wireless HopeLine –

A friend of Leanne’s recently called to let us know that she and some colleagues collected used cell phones to donate to a program called HopeLine.  About 10 telephones and 15 battery chargers will be refurbished or recycled for programs such as “Bridge Over Trouble Waters”, “Rethink”, and “Corporate Alliance”.  We encourage everybody to help someone less fortunate, while also keeping landfills clean, by taking their used cell phones and cell phone peripherals to programs like Hopeline.  Here is the link to their website: http://aboutus.vzw.com/communityservice/hopeLine.html.

 This is a great example of an important cause everybody can easily get involved with and, in doing so, also help protect our environment. This is also an example of a small gesture that can make a huge difference.

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Update # 60 – Leanne’s Dream Launches The 2009 Summer Of Service Challenge –

One of Leanne’s great dreams was inspiring people to embrace the concept and practice of volunteer service and charitable giving. As a volunteer coordinator with EBNHC, Leanne worked with a team of volunteers from all walks of life who made it their mission to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Since her passing we have learned three things about Leanne’s friends, family and colleagues:

  1. Everybody wants to do something to be involved and help the foundation.
  2. Most people do not know what they can do to help.
  3. Most people have families and jobs and have only a small amount of time available to commit.

With these three things in mind we created the 2009 Summer Of Service Challenge. The focus is on community service and doing little things that will make a big difference. Here is how it works:

Step One – Do something small this summer to help someone else. Commit anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day this summer to help out a friend, a family member, a stranger, your community, or the planet. For example, simply signing up to be an organ donor takes about five minutes of your time but can have an incredible impact on someone in need. We have provided a list of other ideas for you to consider that will require only a few minutes or up to a few hours. Then proceed to step two.

Step Two – Share the story with us through the message board/guest book on the LDF website or send us an email at info@leannesdreamfoundation.org. You do not have to share your name unless you want to and you do not need to worry about what you write. Your story might be as simple as a quick note saying “Hi Leanne! I was thinking about you today during the Walk for Hunger” or “I helped a disabled man who needed a hand crossing the street today and thought about you” or “I played bridge with my elderly neighbor for an hour yesterday and was thinking about you.”

It’s as simple as that--do something small and then share your story! By doing something helpful you are doing the foundation’s work and by sharing the story you are inspiring others to volunteer as well. Most importantly, you are making Leanne’s Dream come true.

The list below provides 50 examples of ideas to consider for the 2009 Summer Of Service Challenge:

  1. Donate blood to the American Red Cross
  2. Drop off your old clothes at Good Will or The Salvation Army
  3. Sign up to become an organ donor--you can even do it on the internet
  4. Visit a Children’s Hospital and drop off some old board games for the kids
  5. Adopt a pet from a shelter instead of a store
  6. Sign up for a fundraising walk like “Walk for Hunger” – you can even wear an LDF T-shirt while you walk
  7. Pick up an extra sandwich and give it to a homeless person on your way to work
  8. Offer to help a teacher talk to kids about volunteer service
  9. Turn your spring yard sale into a fundraiser for your favorite charity
  10. Cook a tray of food and bring it to an elderly neighbor who may be lonely
  11. Visit a seniors home and play a board game with a resident
  12. If you know a teacher offer to be a teacher’s aide for a day
  13. Go to a local park and pick up litter for a few hours
  14. Coach a children’s team in your community or help coach a practice
  15. Go to Rosie’s or Pine Street Inn and serve food once this summer
  16. Donate your old cell phones to Verizon Wireless for Hope Line
  17. Ask your local church leader if you can volunteer to help once this year
  18. Help a neighbor with yard work or taking out the trash
  19. Plant a tree, a plant or some flowers and let it remind you of hope
  20. Start recycling paper and canned products at your home
  21. Tell the old man or woman who collects and redeems cans that you’ll leave the cans out for them to pick up each week
  22. Donate an old computer to a school or recycle it
  23. If you are a teacher invite your students to participate in this service challenge
  24. Spend a day at “Cradles To Crayons” stuffing backpacks for needy children
  25. Have a bake sale and donate the proceeds to your favorite charity
  26. Call a friend you have not talked to in a while just to ask how s/he is doing
  27. Stop when you see a kid’s fundraising car wash this summer and get a wash
  28. Turn your spring closet cleaning into a donation drive or a fundraiser
  29. Contact the “Revere League For Special Needs” and work at their fundraiser
  30. Spend a day working for any charity that is important to you
  31. Take the time to give somebody directions when they are lost
  32. Help a co-worker finish a project when you do not have to
  33. Chaperone a field trip at your local school or daycare
  34. Help your kids and their friends build a time capsule in the backyard
  35. Write a letter to an old friend just to say hello and ask how s/he is doing
  36. Send a care package to our service men and women overseas through the USO
  37. Donate a ball to a local sports team, youth center, or YMCA
  38. Attend a children’s sporting event and cheer for everybody on the field
  39. Volunteer to teach something you do well at a senior center
  40. Put an old item on EBAY and donate the proceeds to any charity
  41. Contact PAL (Police Activities League) and offer to help with an event
  42. Start a Neighborhood Watch Program
  43. Babysit for a friend who needs a break in his or her day
  44. Share an inspirational book with somebody who needs a lift
  45. Send an encouraging card to somebody who is having a tough time
  46. Talk to your child about the importance of volunteer service
  47. Have your child take a gift to a shelter to learn about service
  48. Run a road race or ride in a bike race and keep Leanne on your mind
  49. Go Green at home
  50. Tell your story to inspire other people.

The reality is that there is no shortage of activities that only take a few minutes or a few hours, but they will have a huge impact on somebody else’s life and will bring along a smile and a good feeling for you.

Remember – there are not many things that feel better than doing something nice for someone else. We guarantee that the feeling you get will be worth the effort.

So go ahead and do something helpful this summer, think about Leanne and share your story with the rest of us. We are looking forward to a summer of great stories, inspiration and service.

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Update # 61 – Leanne’s Dream Foundation and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Beach Walk –

Join us at the Reinstein Bandstand for a leisurely walk with friends at Revere Beach (click here to download the flyer)

Saturday, September 26th
Registration 9:00-10:00
Walk 10:00-12:00
Donation $10

Wear white in memory of Leanne

If you are unable to join us, but would like to make a donation they can be sent to: EBNHC c/o Volunteer Services, 10 Gove Street, East Boston, MA 02128

Leanne’s Dream Foundation was established in 2003. The foundation was established by Leanne and her colleagues and the EBNHC Volunteer Services team as a charitable subsidiary housed within the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center’s Volunteer Services Department. Leanne’s Dream foundation have supported programs at the EBNHC like Reach Out and Read, CATCH, Mentor program as well as sent children to summer camp and purchased groceries for families in

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Update # 62 – Leanne’s Dream Foundation and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Beach Walk Thank You!

Special thanks to all those who helped make this such a special day...


October 8, 2009

Dear Leanne’s Dream Foundation Supporter,

Thank you for your contribution to the success of the Leanne’s Dream Foundation Beach Walk. With your support we were able to raise over $2500.00! Whether you were able to register and walk that day or were able to make a financial contribution, our thanks go out to you. This money will allow the foundation to continue to support activities such as buying books for children, providing grocery food gift cards for those who are struggling, sending kids to camp and hosting birthday parties for a children living in shelters, to name just a few.

Please visit the activities section of the Leanne’s Dream Foundations website at www.leannesdream.org to keep up to date on all the great things that are happening thanks to supporters like you.

As you know, Leanne’s Dream Foundation was informally established in 2003. The foundation was established by Leanne and her colleagues of the EBNHC Volunteer Services team as a charitable subsidiary housed within the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center’s Volunteer Services Department. With Leanne’s passing in July of 2006, the foundation was formally named Leanne’s Dream Foundation.

Kathy Field
Leanne’s Dream Team

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Update # 63 – Leanne’s Dream Foundation and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Beach Walk Thank You!

On Thanksgiving afternoon, while watching the New England Patriots game, we at Leanne's Dream Foundation were touched to view the following video about organ donation.  Not too long ago we urged as many of Leanne's friends and family members as possible to take the small step of becoming an organ donor, one of the most powerful yet simple things you can do to have an enormous impact on the lives of others.  Being an organ donor tends to be a very anonymous gesture and the impact you have is often never shared with those who have received the benefit of your generosity.  This is just like Leanne!  Many of the things she did to help others were done quietly, anonymously, and for the pure benefit of many people she never knew.  

 One of our key focus points for 2011 will be to encourage as many people as possible to become organ donors, a great way to turn Leanne’s loss into life for others.  Please help us to extend the positive impact of Leanne's legacy by becoming an organ donor today.  You can do so by going online to your Registry of Motor Vehicles or by visiting your local Registry office.  It might only take 5 minutes of your time, but you could extend another life by decades in the process. To see the impact organ donation can have, please view this video produced and presented by CBS Sports.  Should you take the step to become an organ donor, please take a minute to let us and others know by posting a note in our guest book.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

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Update # 64 – Paris Street White Sharks

Leanne’s Dream Foundation sponsored the swim team of Paris Street Pool in East Boston.  This donation made it possible to purchase needed equipment, off set registration fees and aid in the entry fee for swim competitions.  The swim team serves youth ages 5-15 in the East Boston, Revere, Chelsea and Winthrop area.  Eighty Percent of the team members are from low income families.

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Update # 65 – Promoting Literacy

Leanne's Dream Foundation supports literacy programs housed in the Health Center in a number of ways. New moms receive a new book for their child at their first well visit to the Health Center. The Reach Out in Read program continues with new books for children until age 5. Leanne's Dream supports this program with the regular purchase of new books. A regular collection of gently used books is an on going project. These books are used to maintain the reading supply in the waiting areas of the Health Center. Children are encouraged to take a book home with them. Keep those books coming!!

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Update # 66 – CATCH special event

The CATCH program of the Health Center provides services to children with complex medical needs. This is a coordinated care program that assists families in managing their child's medical care and additional needs. The program organizes special events on a regular basis for these children and their families. Leanne's Dream Foundation continues to support these special events. The holiday party is an annual event that Leanne’s Dream provides financial assistance.   This was a special event for Leanne and she regularly volunteered at the event.

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Update # 67 – Revere League for Special Needs

An annual donation is made to support the league in defraying the cost of social programming.  This is an organization the Leanne was involved in even as a child donating money she raised by having yard sales!

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Update # 68 – Life Focus Center

In her younger days, Leanne provided many volunteer hours at the Life Focus Center. Their mission is to provide people with disabilities the tools and support needed to live productive lives. The Life Focus Center offers a range of social, vocational, educational and support services necessary for growth, self-esteem, personal relationships and a sense of self-worth. Leanne's Dream Foundation makes an annual donation to this agency.

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Update # 69 – Silvia’s Haven

Leanne’s Dream Foundation made its second annual donation to Silvia’s Haven in Revere.  Silvia’s Haven is a two year transitional program for woman.  It provides shelter for women and their families.  These women are getting back on their feet after being abused and homeless at some point of their lives.   

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Update # 70 – Sending kids to camp!

This past summer Leanne’s Dream foundation funded scholarships for 4 youth of Saugus to participate in a summer enrichment program that otherwise would not be able to afford to participate. 

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Update # 71 – Grocery Store gift cards

For patients of the Health Center that are in need of assistance with purchasing food, the Health Center Mental Health Department provides a grocery store gift card provided to them from Leanne's Dream.  This is most often patients that are waiting to receive food stamps benefits and need assistance until services are in place.

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Update # 72 – Leanne’s Dream Beach Walk

Leanne’s Dream Team, family and friend participated in the 3rd annual Leanne’s Dream Beach walk on Septembers 10th, 2011.  This is a great event each year that raises about $2000 to support Leanne’s Dream Foundation efforts.

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Update # 73 – Leanne’s Dream Beach Walk 2012

Join us at the Reinstein Bandstand for a leisurely walk with friends at Revere Beach.

Saturday, September 15th 2012
Registration 8:30 a.m.
Walk 9:00 a.m
Donation $10 Wear white in memory of Leanne

If you are unable to join us, but would like to make a donation they can be sent to: EBNHC c/o Volunteer Services, 10 Gove Street, East Boston, MA 02128

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Update # 74 – Leanne’s Dream Beach Walk 2013

Friends, family, EBNHC patients and staff joined in for the annual beach walk. Leanne’s Dream Foundation raised over $2000 at the event to support programs at EBNHC, including the CATCH Program annual holiday party, books for children and other special opportunities for children.

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Update # 75 – Leanne’s Dream Beach Walk 2014

Thank you to the staff, friends, and supporters who attended the Leanne's Dream Fund annual walk in Revere on September 27, helping to support special programs and requests at EBNHC. We had gorgeous weather — and we always enjoy remembering and honoring the beautiful spirit of Leanne Sasso-Lusso.

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