“The light, life and love of one will create light, life and love for many”

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Leanne believed that doing little things for those who were less fortunate could make a huge difference in that person’s life.  This foundation is not about big chunks of money as Leanne was all about doing small things that could change somebody’s life.  She tirelessly reinforced the idea that a small donation could mean a book for a child, an unexpected gift for somebody during the holidays, a mentor for a child, a coat for somebody who could not afford to keep warm, a meal for somebody who is hungry, a visit for somebody who is sick and lonely or, most important, a caring smile for somebody who is feeling down.  For Leanne, life really was all about helping others.  This is what our foundation is and will always be all about.  We want to change lives one small gesture at a time.

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LDF Beach Walk

Leanne’s Dream Fund and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Annual Beach Walk

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